Stepping Into

Haven’t you noticed that the energy changes in the fall? There’s a feeling of getting back to business as kids head back to school and crisper temperatures make us spend more time indoors. Ideas spark. The pace quickens. Fall is an especially ideal time to step into a new direction or take on a new project. That’s certainly what’s been going on within our household.

Now that both of our sons have graduated from college and tuition payments are behind us, my husband, Bill, finally felt he had the freedom to explore a field that’s always interested him: real estate investment. Initially I thought I would accompany him to training seminars and provide support behind-the-scenes. However, I quickly decided to fully partner with him in the venture, StepStone Property , which we are working alongside our existing businesses.

In the past few months, we’ve felt as if we were drinking from a firehose, learning as much as we can about the field. In addition to intensive training, we are working weekly with a coach. (No surprise there, since I know how coaching contributes to success.) Over the past few months we have invested in tax liens and bought two fully tenanted multi-families to hold onto for rental income. This week we are closing on our first home to fix and flip. It’s an older home that needs substantial updating, so it’s a good winter project for us. Although Bill is quite handy, he’s not going to be swinging a hammer-we have a great general contractor who has a team and sub-contractors who will be doing the rehab.

We are excited to be helping to revitalize communities and to provide living environments where people can flourish. It’s also fun for Bill and me to be business partners as well as life partners!

What are you stepping into?

Often it’s necessary to scale back or step away from other commitments to support a new focus. For instance, we put Air BnB hosting on hold and I temporarily cut back on the number of Reiki and Coach U classes I’m teaching. I’m also streamlining my coaching business by stepping away from publishing these newsletters and am replacing it with blogging. I’ll be importing my distribution list, so you will still receive an email when there’s a new post.

What are you stepping away from to make room for the new?

I’d love to learn what you’ve been stepping into and away from lately, so please share in the comments!