What are you radiating?

I’m participating in the fascinating, free Aura Seeing Fest this week. Although I’ve occasionally been able, under certain conditions, to see a faint ring/border of light around people, it’s not something I’ve focused on developing before. This course is stretching me AND my eyes in new ways. With practice, I hope to be able to see more colors than just a faint blueish tinge which is all I’ve managed to see so far.

There is an energy field that surrounds all things. Inanimate objects have fixed auras. The aura around people and other living things changes based on the state of health, emotion, and energy level. Even if you can’t see auras, you’ve probably sensed before people who seem to radiate light or have a dark cloud around them.

What do you think your aura looks like?
What do you want to radiate?
What steps do you take to raise your vibration?