What’s New?

Last week on a call with other Coach U faculty members, our training director asked us to share what was new for us–what we were engaging in to learn and grow.  I thought this was a fun and inspiring  kick-off to this year’s faculty calls and decided to borrow the idea.  So I’ll share what’s new with me, and I’d love to hear what’s new for you!

I’ve just moved my blog over to a Word Press platform.  In addition to new postings, I will slowly cull through my 15 years of previous newsletters and repurpose some of that content.  It doesn’t feel good to have so much of my writing sitting on my computer instead of being out there in the world. Please  follow my blog!

On the afternoon of Valentine’s Day I will be holding my first Reiki share.  This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while as a way for my Reiki students to practice giving and receiving Reiki.  I may end up offering these every other month, so stay tuned.

Last fall we opened our home up to begin receiving guests through AirbBnb.com.  As empty-nesters with two empty bedrooms, we thought this might be a fun way to earn some extra money.  It turns out that many leaf-peepers are interested in our area! One week we were booked 6 nights in a row with three different parties. It’s been fun to meet people from all over the world.  We recently got word that from the superhost_photo_badge-10b716fc412b6c63907154db48160240number of guests we had and our good reviews, we’ve earned a “Superhost” badge.


Last year we got involved with home exchange, and we are continuing to do more with this.  A Canadian family used our home last summer as a base for their New England explorations, and we, in turn, will visit their cabin in the Rockies this May.  We are looking forward to other exchanges–one next week in Costa Rica and one the spring of 2017 in southern Spain.


I’m stretching myself physically by taking an adult swim class.  It feels like swim team for grownups.  I have made helpful corrections to my strokes, increased my speed and distance, and am making some beginning attempts to learn flip turns and the butterfly.  Whew!

I’m challenging my brain by tapping into my memory banks and making new neural pathways as I work with Spanish language recordings.  With our upcoming home exchanges to Spanish-speaking countries, I have incentive to sharpen my linguistic skills.

I am evolving spiritually by engaging in the second year of Natural Dharma Fellowship’s Margha program which focuses on compassion practices.  I am drawn to the bodhisattva path!

To make room for new opportunities and activities in our lives it’s often necessary to let go of other things.  We have begun discarding, donating, and recycling a lot of clothes and household items that we no longer need or want.  This week I cancelled my USANA distributorship after 5 years of attempting to turn it into a thriving sideline business.  I learned a lot from the experience and was introduced to some wonderful people and products, but I want to focus my energy elsewhere.

What are you taking up, getting back to, or releasing at this time?  How are you evolving mentally, physically, or spiritually? A new year is the perfect time for new challenge, a makeover,  or fresh start!  Please hop on over to the blog to share what’s new with you.